Our chemical laboratory is full equipped for both new products research and production quality control. We do lab dips and dyeing trials with a computerized reciping system.  
  Among our machineries we have a Hoffman press and a stability control system Wira, both certified for UNI tests.  
  We use a DOSACOLOR machine to automatically calculate the dyestuff quantity during sampling testes.  
  We also have a DOSACOLOR automating reciping system.  
  The quality test we ordinary do are:  
Perspiration fastness UNI EN ISO 105/E04/98
Rubbing fastness UNI EN ISO 105 X12/97
Soap washing fastness UNI EN 20105/94 from C01 to C05
Dry cleaning fastness UNI EN ISO 105 D01/97

          Light fastness UNI 7639/89 ISO 105 B02/94

Water fastness UNI EN ISO 105 E01/98

Steam press stability ANT method (quality standard N. 67/97) - open press
                               ANT method (quality standard N. 68/97) - closed press


House washing stability UNI EN ISO 3759/97

  Dry cleaning stability UNI EN ISO 3175/97  
  Martindale pilling test UNI E.15.12.434/94  
  Martindale abrasion test BS 5690/91
  Resistance to thread shifting UNI 9743/90 ASTM D434/95  
  Tensile strenght resistence UNI EN ISO 13934-1/99 UNI 8639/84